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Brenda Beaty, Massage Therapist

Brenda Beaty is a board certified and licensed Massage Therapist working with Cornerstone Medical Clinic since 2019. Brenda graduated Health Enrichment Center, Inc. in Michigan with a Therapeutic Massage certificate in 2003 and an Advanced Therapeutic Massage certificate in 2004. To further advance her skills and knowledge, Brenda completed her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from North Park University in Chicago, IL in 2009. 

Practicing for nearly 20 years, Brenda believes that each person needs an individual approach to their treatment and employs a variety of techniques to achieve the desired outcome of the patient. This has led to practicing at a variety of settings to secure the expertise needed.  Sites include Detroit’s VA Hospital, NFL team- The Detroit Lions, IMG academy, BIONIC Chiropractic, and Windy City Massage, developing advanced skills in medical, sports, prenatal, cranial sacral, and myofascial release.

From the moment she gave her first shoulder massage as a little girl around the kitchen table to now, Brenda is looking forward to showing how massage can improve the lives of those around her. She appreciates the holistic care philosophy of Cornerstone Medical Clinic and working with the other clinicians to treat patients.  

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