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At Cornerstone Clinic Counseling Center

we offer a safe harbor for you with compassionate, skilled mental health professionals to help you work through even the most difficult issues.  We believe in offering hope and empowering people toward change and a more positive future.  Professionalism and a faith-based concern for the whole person come together to provide a unique and positive counseling experience.

Privacy Policy​

We know that counseling can bring up sensitive and confidential topics. At Cornerstone we keep your personal information safe and secure. For more information speak with the front desk or click here.


We have several counselors available  who are ready to help. Click here to read about our different counselors and choose the best fit for you, or to learn more about the counselor you are scheduled to see.

Getting Started

When you call our office, our staff will work to find the right counselor to fit your needs. After you have successfully scheduled an appointment, click on the button below to complete our new client intake form:


Counseling via telehealth is available.

Please call 907-522-7080 for additional information

Please do not send sensitive information

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Clinic Hours 
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Counseling Center


1825 Academy Dr.

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Phone: (907) 522-7080


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Center Hours 
Monday: 9am – 6:30pm
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For non-emergency, non-medical questions or comments feel free to email us below. 

If you have a question regarding your medical care, prescriptions, appointments, etc., please call our office.  Please allow for up to a 24-hour response time when sending us an email from this address.

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